Dress Code

We would be grateful if members and their guests dress in a dignified manner in all public areas of the Clubhouse.

Gentlemen: a suit with a tie or sports jacket or blazer with tailored trousers and a collared shirt and tie is considered standard Club attire.

Ladies: please dress in smart separates, elegant dresses or business attire.

Casual Dress is permitted in the Courtyard, the Goat and Business Centre. Access to the Clubhouse wearing casual dress should be made via the Babmaes St entrance only.
From 1730 on Fridays until 0930 on Mondays, Casual Dress is permitted throughout the Clubhouse with the exception of the Long Bar and the Coffee Room.

Jeans are permitted in the Goat at all times and the Coffee Room during breakfast so long as they are not torn.

All outerwear, luggage, shopping bags and umbrellas are to be left with reception or hung in the cloakroom. Ladies handbags are permitted, and briefcases may be taken into the Business Centre.

Sports wear of any form including polo or other soft collared shirts, sandals and trainers may only be worn in the Goat.

Members and guests accessing the Clubhouse via the main St James's Square entrance should be dressed in accordance with the rules above. Those in more casual attire must use the Babmaes Street entrance.

Military dress may, of course, be worn at all times.

Use of electronic devices in public areas

Please refrain from the use of mobile phones, personal computers and other electronic devices unless in the Business Centre or the Goat. Electronic reading devices such as an iPad or Kindle are permitted.


Business meetings and the use of business papers of any form are only permitted in the Business Centre and the Goat.


Children must be well behaved and under parental control at all times. Children over the age of 12 are to adhere to dress regulations. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Coffee Room, except for breakfast, without prior approval from the Club Secretary.


After 2300 noise in the Courtyard must be kept to a minimum. Staff has been advised to clear the Courtyard should any bedroom guests complain about noise.

For more information, please contact the Membership office on 020 7827 5748 or email: members@theinandout.co.uk